Reading group on feminisms of any genre & gender

Autumn 2020 > ongoing
Collaboration with Caterina Giansiracusa and Denise Cappadonia at Nora Book and Coffee, Turin.

ISTERIKA ISTORIKA is an informal reading group that explores femminist, transfemminist and queer narratives. By focusing on science fiction, fantasy, dystopian fiction and critical theory, we curate a non-academic, open and horizontal space for discussion.

It started as a montly meeting happening just online during the Covid pandemic, and then we managed to physically move at Nora Book and Coffee, queer and transfeminist bookstore in Turin (IT).

Participations in the reading sessions are always open and free of commitment. We - Caterina, Denise and I - organise the calendar and propose some titles as a starting point but just until the rest of the group is able to voice links and webs between authors, writing styles, themes, historical moments, etc. The bibliography always becomes a collective brainstorming and original line of associations.

Our intent is to approach contemporary issues in a collective modes, through the meeting points that different feminist and transfemminist narratives can offer. Queer sci-fi and other related visionary genres became to us a way to explore narrative freedom, aiming to find new languagges and worlds to make small steps outsitde our own comfort zone.

As a way to encourage not experiencing culture just by looking at screens, we propose titles that are in print, and we record our own audio books.

List of authors includes:  Octavia E. Butler - Laura Pugno -  Ursula Le Guin - Leonora Carrington - Donna Haraway - Guadalupe Nettel - Anna Maria Ortese - Silvia Frederici - Margaret Cavendish - Pia Pera - Han Kang - Federica Timeto - Joanna Russ - Thomas Gilbert - Angela Carter - Susan Palwick - Val Plamwood - Janette Winterson - Mary Shelley ...