gite fuori tempo

excurtions off-time

Interdishiplinary manual (paper and digital) for guides and facilitatotrs working in the Oasi Zegna, Valsessera (Biella, IT).

July > October 2018
Produced in the context of the cultural mediation at Cittadellarte (Biella) in collaboration with Fondazione Zegna (Trivero), during UNIDEE residency module Expanded Body #2 - Inhabiting Time, curated by Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna.

Gite Fuori Tempo is a collection of exercises, games and dialogues invented and assembled during the art residency Expanded Body #2 - Inhabiting Time.

The activities done during the residency involved artists, biologists and geologists, offering other ways to explore and discover the Sessera valley, using the senses to abandoning time as a primary orientation meter.

The exercises and games I collected in the manual go from playing with the sound of water, to roaming alone in the fog, to observing the colors of geological formations.