I’m a visual/socially engaged artist and a cultural worker busy with a continuous process of research in between a feminist approach to rurality and the perception of distopic realities at large.

I’m based between the city of Turin and the province of Biella, below the northen west Italian Alps, places that became my projects’ subjects and inspiration. Throughout a cross-media approach, I focus on rural environments and their social structures, a feminist approach in the meeting with non-human forms of life, the gaps between folcklor and the contemporary, post-industrialism and distopian realities, and the act of field-researching (field-learning) as a valuable form of cultural production in itself.

I hold an MA in critical studies and art practice at the Dutch Art Institute (2019, ArtEZ, Arnhem, NL) and a BFA at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in the audio-visual department (2014, Amsterdam, NL).

At the moment, I’m bringing on a few collaborative projects.
Isterika Istorika is an open and horizontal bookclub on transfeminist narratives (Turin/Bergamo), and I’m part of the duo Resta Qui Airlines in a long term, socially engaging, multidisciplinary project on ways of traversing and perceiving rural environments.

I worked as mentor for residency programs (Accademia UNIDDE Fondazione Pistoletto - ArtEZ AIR residency, Biella, IT), as assistant of production and facilitator (Fondazione Pistoletto UNIDEE and Accademia, IT; Hotel Maria Kapel, NL; viadellafucina16, IT), and as research assistant for projects on industrial and post-industrial history.

Art work is work and it’s collaborative.

I have been part of community projects such as the independent organization Better Places aps (space HYDRO, Biella.

My MA thesis is a research on the relationship between land property and semi-nomadic shepherds’ work of maintenance on natural resources. It resonates in materialist and eco-feminist theories, leading to a series of interviews with shephers I staged in the performance Maintenance of What (Dutch Art Institute, Berlin, 2019).